Goals & Activities

Chingusai endeavors to correct society's distorted view of homosexuals and other sexual minorities.

Chingusai actively maintains close relations, exchanges data, and collaborates with LGBT activist groups both at home and abroad.
Together, we engage in a variety of activities including the announcement of joint statements and press releases, participation in mass assemblies, and involvement in litigations.

Chingusai operates an Internet homepage.


Chingusai endeavors to protect homosexuals' rights and to educate them to stand up for themselves.

Chingusai provides both face-to-face and telephone counseling.

Chingusai organizes the annual Gay Youths' Human Rights Camp.

Chingusai endeavors to create and to foster a healthy gay culture.

Clubs: Movies and Concerts, Marine Boys (swimming), Dancing Shoes (dance sports/Latin dance), Catan Club (board games), and The Wheels (inline skating)

Chingusai co-organizes the Korean Queer Cultural Festival "Mujigae."


Chingusai endeavors to promote AIDS prevention and to protect the human rights of HIV-positive individuals.

Chingusai provides training, counseling, and campaign on safe sex and AIDS prevention.

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